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Each lesson in the "When Love Is Not Enough" small group study guide has a corresponding session on the DVD providing additional personal stories and strategies to enhance relationships. The DVD sessions complement the issues discussed in the workbook and provide guidance for further discussion. In addition, the video provides more specific strategies to improve relationships. The videos run from 18-25 minutes and address conflicts that most couples encounter. Please visit to learn more.


The Bible is all about relationships. While some are healthy, many are unhealthy and involve broken people. The good news is that God often uses, even chooses, broken people to advance his kingdom. God is able to restore relationships and lives, bringing grace and hope into their midst. But what about today? Many of the same issues people faced more than two thousand years ago are still with us. We are all broken in some way, all in need of God’s grace and restoration. That restoration is still possible, that grace is still freely given by a God who loves us.


While love is an essential ingredient for all marriages



Listen to real life stories that impact couples, explore scripture that directs our lives today, and learn practical applications that can improve all relationships:


  • Understand the impact of personality and personal experiences on your relationships
  • Discover how faith can strengthen your connections and help you understand God’s plan for your life
  • Learn better communication skills and healthy ways to manage conflict
  • Find ways to forgive and build back trust
  • Learn skills to enhance intimacy

When Love Is Not Enough - Blu-ray Disc

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