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Whether you are interested in information about his upcoming book, finding out more about his radio show, or scheduling a seminar, Dr. Ferretti would love to hear from you. To contact him, please send a message via email, telephone, or mail. Dr. Ferretti also continues to maintain a part-time private practice working with both individuals and couples.

Dr. Tony Ferretti
1915 Oak Street
Melbourne, Florida 32901



Dr. Tony Ferretti provides a unique and direct approach to motivate, teach, and transform audiences. His personal and clinical stories, engaging humor, and practical strategies for change guide people to have successful lives at work and home. He specializes in relationally based problems and treats highly successful people and their spouses to achieve balance in life.

For individuals who have a difficult time balancing work and home, he offers the following seminars. Participants can expect to learn healthy ways to transition from work to home and new strategies to nurture relationships.


Does your ambition, drive, and work intensity make you feel trapped?  And do your overwhelming responsibilities and personality traits contribute to your need to focus on your success in the workplace to the exclusion of all else?  We often don’t recognize the cost and consequences of an achievement-driven mentality until it is too late. Our success-driven persona wreaks havoc on many aspects of our lives. Specifically, we may experience burnout, develop physical problems, feel chronic unhappiness, and/or create interpersonal conflicts. 

The good news is that change is possible and feeling trapped is different from being trapped. By leveraging the hyper-focus of our personality, we can learn to set boundaries, reinvest in our relationships, and find new purpose in life. Finding this balance requires us to reassess our priorities, allowing us to work smarter instead of longer, and gives us the ability to take back control of our lives.

Learning Objectives:

  • Insights on realistic boundary setting, time management, and real secrets for prioritization

  • Skills for smoothly transitioning from work to home behaviors

  • Methods to finding passion and purpose beyond work

  • Simple guidance to reconnect and reinvest in our most important relationships

InsInsights on realistic boundary setting, time management, and real     secrets for prioritizationkills for smoothly A FIREPROOF MARRIAGE:

Why do couples wait until their marriage is engulfed in flames before taking action?  Pride, fear of change, comfort with victimhood, denial, and/or unawareness often prevents people from confronting their problems. All too often, a crisis must occur before repair work can begin. Couples eventually realize that their marriage can’t survive on chronic autopilot. Priorities have been misaligned with the focus being on work, the children, and/or friends instead of on their marriage. The grass appears greener on the other side of the fence because they are not watering their own grass.

Healthy relationships result in better physical and emotional health, financial security, and increased physical intimacy. Couples can learn skills to communicate more constructively and work through conflict more effectively. Learning ways to forgive and build trust will bring the couple closer together. Both physical and emotional intimacy is an essential part of our human existence and connects people in a significant way. Couples need to make their marriage a high priority and take ownership of the success of the relationship. Now is the time to change, before the fire is out of control.


Did you know that 93% of our communication is nonverbal, including our tone of voice, facial expression, posture, and eye contact? We can create significant conflict in how we express ourselves not just with our words. Often people need to share important information in the workplace, but their delivery may be harsh, inappropriate, sarcastic, or belittling. They may be completely unaware of the impact that their delivery style has on others, or in some cases, and they don’t care about the effect as long as they make their point. Good communication is incredibly important, and major repercussions or misunderstandings can occur if the message is poorly expressed. Many highly intelligent people have not mastered the art of communication and don’t realize the negative impact that they have on others.    

Positive work relationships have been found to increase productivity and performance while reducing sick days and cost. Studies show that workplace relationships directly affect a worker’s ability to succeed. The seminar will focus on effective communication skills including the art of delivery, which determines the power of the message. The participants will discover ways to maneuver through conflict and maintain healthy boundaries through smart choices and positive actions. The golden rule still applies: treat others the way you want to be treated. When we focus more on the relationship and less on the outcome, others accept and respect our message.

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