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Weeds Keep Coming Back

Why do you think you can’t get rid of the weeds in your life?  And why does the same weeds keep growing back?  Now don’t take me literally on the weed removal example, but I thought this may provide a good word-picture to illustrate a point.  We all have weeds or issues that impact our lives now and again.  Many of us want to destroy the weeds immediately and look for the fastest and most expedient way to eliminate them, which makes sense, right?  Unfortunately, the weed removal process doesn’t always complete the desired effect and eventually the weeds return.  The problem may lie in the fact that the root of the weed was never removed, and instead only the surface of the weed was cut. This looked good on the outside, but neglected the inside problem.  How do you treat the problems and issues that you encounter?  Do you only address the surface problem or do you get to the root?

People tend to address both physical and psychological problems in the same fashion.  They look for the quick fix and don’t want to put the time and energy into finding or confronting the root problem and cause.  Many of us look for help at a time of crisis but once the conflict is resolved they discontinue the efforts to change by stopping treatment.  Of course, at the next crisis, when people return to treatment their weeds have overtaken their entire yard and the task seems insurmountable.  Change is difficult for all of us and requires significant motivation and determination.  However, many of my clients are able to achieve real change by modifying their thoughts, actions, and personality and ultimately changing the way they live life.  Not an easy task for anyone, but the long-lasting benefits can have a dramatic impact on one’s life.

Our mental health needs require consistent care and maintenance.  When we neglect ourselves problems arise and grow rather quickly.  How do you deal with your stress, conflicts, and relationships?  When we feed our body, mind, and soul with positivity, activity, and connectivity we create good health.  Personally my greatest strength comes from my faith, family, friends, and fitness.  Acknowledge that we all have weeds that require attention and figure out which ones have roots that haven’t been removed.  Sometimes we have to dig deep to extract the root of the problem and may need a professional to help us figure out the origin of the conflict.  Take action and address the issues today before they proliferate throughout your life.

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