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Time for Personal Responsibility

Photo by Doug Zuba on Unsplash

Where does our government draw the line with lending?  Both the automotive and banking industries have struggled to seek stabilization by requesting our government’s assistance, but when is enough, enough?  We try to teach our children personal responsibility by implementing consequences for their poor decision- making and negative choices, yet we as a country fail miserably when it comes to applying those same principles to major companies and big business.  The message unfortunately reinforces justification of actions and shifting of blame.  In my practice, couples often focus on each others problems to avoid confronting their own.  Some people are highly skilled at manipulation and avoidance of responsibility, and have not learned to accept the consequences of their actions and change themselves.  Couples therapy works only when both parties are willing to accept responsibility for their problems in the marriage and commit to change only themselves.  We can accomplish more in life when we stop blaming others for our problems and take action on changing ourselves.  The best way to change some else is to change yourself.  People learn more through failure than they do through success.  Personal responsibility builds character and integrity, we need to reinforce this behavior.  Step up to the plate and take ownership of your life!

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