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Tiger's Debut

As Tiger returns to golf this weekend, many of us wonder whether he has truly changed.  Can he change his thoughts, emotions, and behaviors in four months?  What impact can he have on others who have been unfaithful to their spouse?  This challenge is probably more difficult than any golf tournament he’s ever played.  It requires his full attention, total commitment, and consistent effort.  Can Tiger be faithful in his relationships and achieve an even greater accomplishment in his life?  I’m rooting for him, since many of my patients struggle with very similar issues.  His example can provide hope, inspiration, and motivation for those who struggle with infidelity.  In order to succeed he will need accountability people who truly have his best interests at heart and who confront him when he’s off track.  Many of the patients I’ve worked with have few close friends that they confide in and rarely share their insecurities.  It requires total transparency and openness about struggles, conflicts, and negative emotions.  Being successful in life is tied to integrity, strong character, good morals, and healthy relationships.  We can have the most impact and influence through our relationships.   What will Tiger do with this opportunity to positively impact others?  Adversity can inspire people to make dramatic changes in their lives and have a powerful effect on others.  Lets hope that Tiger’s situation has a positive outcome.  Make the same decision for yourself and turn tragedy into transformation.

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