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The Process of Change

Photo by Kiwihug on Unsplash

Last week I wrote about the Wizard’s wisdom, but I didn’t elaborate on the process of

change.  For the record, I am not the Wizard.  If you recall the movie the Wizard of Oz, the group are sent to retrieve the witches’ broomstick before their wishes will be granted.  All of the characters learn something about themselves during this journey.  The scarecrow uses his brain to figure out a way to rescue Dorothy, the tin man feels compassion, and lion has courage to confront the soldiers and even Dorothy realizes the value of her family and home.  We, like the characters, learn, grow, and change through the process of life.  What are the elements of change?   We certainly need courage, awareness, passion, and a strong desire to be a better person.  Therapy requires all of these elements and as does any positive growth in life.  What helps with change is recognizing our strengths, believing in ourselves, and having the support of our family/friends.  Life changes by the minute, but how well we adapt to change and our level of resilience often determines the outcome.  Change is very difficult whether it is quitting a bad habit, improving our relationships, learning a new skill or grieving a loss.  Change is unavoidable, but the process of change can be partially determined by us.  The process goes smoother when we acknowledge, express, and experience the impact of the change.  Coping with change is also easier when we lean on others for support, access our positive attributes, and let go of the things and people we can’t control.  That will include everybody except ourselves.  Work on accepting change instead of avoiding it or ignoring it; life is much easier that way.

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