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The Perfect Gift

Photo by Mira Bozhko on Unsplash

As Valentine’s Day approaches many of us will be searching for the “perfect gift.”  How or where do you find this elusive present?  Maybe your loved one would rather your presence over presents. Being emotionally and physically attentive, connected, and expressive may be exactly what your partner desires.  The gift that keeps on giving is not in a box, but rather comes from thoughtfulness, affirming words, and considerate actions.  Love can’t be purchased at any store and has no price tag, but learning ways to show it can be difficult for some.  Sadly some fear sharing it freely while others don’t even know what it looks like.

We learn about love from our upbringing and often carry those experiences forward.  Life events and/or traumas can impact our ability to experience and express love.  We strive to be unconditionally loving, but often fall short.  Personally I believe humans can’t be 100% unconditional in our love, only God can achieve that level.  It doesn’t mean we can’t strive to increase our level of unconditional love, which requires forgiveness, compassion, and trust.  The perfect gift is knowing what your partner values and needs, what makes them happy and fulfilled, what makes them feel loved and respected and being able to give them exactly that.

Gifts come in all different sizes, shapes, and forms, but the best gift is one that comes from your heart and fills the other person’s heart.  This Valentine’s Day, consider a gift that expresses your love either through words, actions, activities, writing, and/or a present, but be sure that the value of the gift comes not from the price tag, but from the thoughtfulness.  Everyone wants to feel loved, valued, respected, and appreciated; figure out a way to communicate this message to your Valentine.  Share your love since keeping it inside only limits its ability to grow.

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