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The Love Fight

My new book, “The Love Fight: How Achievers & Connectors Can Build a Marriage that Lasts,” co-authored by Peter J. Weiss, MD, was released this week.  We are excited to complete this project! Our goal is to help couples understand and work through the conflict that results from differences in priorities, personality styles, and mindsets.  We describe the characteristics of achievers and connectors, recognizing that while not everyone is fully an achiever or connector, most people have a greater bent towards one or the other.  We discuss the pros and cons of both orientations, but more importantly, we outline ways to be successful in relationships and work.

The book offers insight into this challenging relationship dynamic and provides practical tools to heal and grow relationships. The assessments and exercises in the book are valuable resources for couples to evaluate their relationship.  Understanding the multitude of factors that can jeopardize or enhance a relationship can also be extremely beneficial.  True-to-life examples are included in “The Love Fight” to help people identify situations and characteristics that are so common in couples.

We believe the book can give couples hope, awareness, and strategies to save, nurture, and grow their relationship.  We hope you will decide to read the book which is now available on Amazon and consider writing a review.  Also if you like the book and believe it can provide value to others, please consider spreading the word through social media or any other means.  We appreciate your support and consideration.

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