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The Impact of Greed

We live in a capitalistic society which values money, power, and achievement over cooperation, community, and relationships.  Greed has taken hold of many Americans and has contributed to our current state of affairs.  Have you been caught in the wave of spending like most of the country?  Maybe it’s more like a rip tide taking you farther from safety and escaping the force of the current is not the most obvious solution.  We are all hurting by the economic downturn and suffering the consequences of this force.  The question is what have we done to contribute to our fear, uncertainty, and helplessness?  Hopefully through this difficult time we learn some things about ourselves and our priorities.  Maybe we shift our focus and begin to value people over possessions.  What we love determines who we are.  The meaning in life comes from our relationships, not our things.  Ask yourself the question, do you possess what you own or does what you own possess you?

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