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Tebow Tenacity

Photo by Ben Hershey on Unsplash

For Florida Gator fans, this past weekend was a positive win, but a scary loss.   Their star quarterback Tim Tebow, otherwise known as superman, was injured in a big way and all of his teammates and coaches watched in disbelief.  His first question to his coach was, did I hold onto the ball?  Fortunately for Tebow and his team, he suffered a concussion but did not have a more serious problem.  This guy has had more positive influence in college football than anyone I can recall.  He stands for integrity, honor, hard work, and positive intensity.  Tim Tebow is a wonderful role-model for children today and his off the field mission work and strong faith elicits great respect.  He is truly a servant leader and gives God the credit for his accomplishments.   Watching him play football is exciting, but observing his humble and caring nature adds to his character.  We need more leaders in this world that exercise leadership by example and through their actions both professionally and personally.  Lead by your words and actions in all aspects of your life, everyone will benefit!

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