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Take Nothing For Granted

Life today is so unpredictable, chaotic, and turbulent that no one can imagine what the future holds.  Our political, economic, social, and healthcare systems are constantly changing.  We can’t predict when or where the next act of violence, hate, or terrorism will occur.  Ironically, even in unstable times, we tend to take for granted many of our blessings and assume that these are stable and constant.  As a result we presuppose that our health, job, family, friends, relationships, and even freedom and peace in our communities are intact.  When we become complacent, we tend to assume that paying attention to these things and people are not necessary and fall into an “auto-pilot” mentality.  In the process we may neglect and disregard those who are closest to us.

Many of us are coasting through life, seldom noticing the goodness or value in our relationships or achievements.  We may have lost our direction, drive, and desire to remain connected to people in an uncertain world.  Some have lost purpose, meaning, and fulfillment in their lives.  They also may have lost the ability to trust others and allow others to get close.  Instead some focus on the negative aspects of our society and fixate on the troubles that surround us.  Over time some become apathetic, detached, and sometimes depressed.  What is missing in our lives and how do we get it back?  How do we recapture the joy, peace, and contentment that we all desire?

For starters, limit your exposure to the news media since it perpetuates fear, anxiety, and sometimes anger.  Make a list of the things/activities and people who bring joy to your life and surround yourself with them.  Identify what you have accomplished and the people who you’ve positively impacted.  If you can’t generate much from the two lists above then start today focusing on and giving back by making a difference in others’ lives.  Develop a gratitude list and start thanking the people who have loved you and supported you over the years.  Send them a text, email, or call them.  Focus your energy on today and make the most of each day as if it were your last.  Stay engaged, connected, and involved with the people you love, respect, and care for by showing them that they matter.  Personally, I find great comfort and peace by leaning on my relationship with God and relying on His good news that he loves me and is in control.  The bottom line is to take charge of the factors in your life that you can control and give the rest to Him.  Challenge yourself to take action and appreciate all you already have.

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