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Surviving Family Vacation

Photo by Erik Odiin on Unsplash

Are you getting ready to venture out for a family getaway or a stay-cation?  This is often the season that families set aside time to be together.  What’s your attitude going in?  Are you excited about the adventure or nervous about the process?  Like anything in life, how you anticipate the experience and what you expect often determines the outcome.  For some, achieving the goal of seeing certain sites or experiencing specific activities determines their level of pleasure.  I’d like to suggest that you instead focus on the quality of the interactions within the family and the “doing” of the activity rather than the outcome.  For example, it is less important if the weather is perfect and conditions ideal, but more important that there is laughter and memories created from the experience.  Our kids will remember the funny stories and unplanned “adventures” more than the historic or cultural data.  Focus on deepening the connections with your family during this time by asking questions and really taking the time to listen to the answers without judgement.  Take time to share your childhood experiences and how those have shaped who you are as a parent. Memories are created through shared emotions and interactions.  Although surely there will be times of frustration and anger, try to keep your sense of humor and  be sure to allow everyone some downtime.  Lastly,  try to keep your basic routines of sleep, meals, activity, and rest.  The purpose is for everyone to have fun, enjoy their time together, and experience rejuvenation.  Having a positive attitude is contagious and can increase the likelihood of success.

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