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Summer Fun

What do you do for fun?  For many of us, fun is tied to activities, relaxation, and being with friends or family.  However, some people struggle with that question.  Sadly, some people have lost their ability to experience fun, pleasure, or excitement.  Holidays are just another day and celebrations are few and far between.  Sometimes depression, loneliness, or relational conflicts prevent them from experiencing joy or happiness.  Or maybe they are just “living to die” instead of “dying to live.”  They are marking time and going through the motions of life with very little passion or excitement.  You probably also know those who make the most out of every minute of life and are grateful for their time with the people they love.  How are you approaching life and are you able to experience fun and joy in everyday activities?

Much of our mood is tied to our attitude.  Of course we all experience highs and lows in life, but how do we respond to our lows?  Are we resilient and bounce back quickly when feeling down?  Most likely it depends on our coping skills and support network.  Healthy coping skills may include exercise, yoga, prayer, mindfulness, and journaling, just to name a few.  But another way to deal with difficult times is to reach out to others and ask for support, encouragement, and guidance.  Having a couple of good friends that you can count on can make a huge difference when you’re struggling.  Don’t let pride or fear prevent you from sharing your feelings with others since friendships often deepen through self-disclosure.  When good things happen share those times too.  Celebrate your success with the people around you and acknowledge their achievements too.

Sometimes experiencing fun requires us to be intentional and actually schedule fun activities, adventures, and excursions.  We all experience fun differently, so ask yourself, what is my idea of fun?  For some it might be snuggling up with a book.  Others may experience fun through some form of entertainment like a movie, game, concert, or play.  For me, fun often involves participation in a sport or physical activity.  Yet I also experience fun connecting with people, sharing stories, and creating new memories.  Being with positive people who value life and respect others and know how to have fun is enjoyable.  Meeting new people and hearing their stories can be fun, and even though this describes my profession, it never gets old.  Of course, experiencing new activities and sharing in those experiences with people you love can be especially exciting.  Figure out what fun means for you and start doing it more consistently; you’ll be reminded of the good gift of life.

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