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Successful Transitions

As I mentioned last week, change can be painful, scary, and difficult, but fighting against life modifications is energy draining.  Remember the phrase: that which we resist, persists.  Life continually changes  whether we like it or not, but our response can either result in growth or being stuck.  How do you approach change and deal with life transitions?  Ask someone close to you or recall a recent life-changing event and think about your response.  Identify the positive aspects of your response that helped you through a difficult time.  For example, maybe you spent more time alone, reflecting, and in prayer which gave you comfort and brought you closer to God.  Or maybe going through a life transition helped you appreciate your network of family and friends which you now rely on more during difficult times.

Successful transitions require a positive attitude, focusing on the present, setting aside time for self-care, and taking charge of things within your control.  Did you notice from last week’s blog that many of the top ten stressors I listed are related to relationships?  Developing and nurturing healthy and supportive relationships is essential for positive transitions.  Don’t handle change alone; share your feelings with close friends and family.  Grieving, surrendering, forgiveness and letting go of a loss is also part of the healing process.  Sometimes writing a letter and saying goodbye to a person, job, or lifestyle can enable you to release the negative emotions and let go.  Identify how change can motivate you to approach life differently, re-examine your strengths, and remain open and flexible throughout the process.

Lastly, use resources available to you whether it is the internet, books, support groups, family/friends, pastors, and/or mental health professionals.  Recognize your positive attributes and trust that you will successfully work through your emotional pain.  Recognize that successfully transitioning through life  changes are character building.  Each transition in life has good and bad that accompanies it.  Hang on to the good, let go of the bad, and make the most of your life transitions.

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