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Stop Living in the Past

Photo by Jez Timms on Unsplash

How many people do you know that are still living in the past?  Holding on to the past keeps it in the present.  Why do people choose to stay in the past?  For some, hanging on to anger and hurt keeps them protected and safe.  They can keep others at arm’s length and never allow anyone else to hurt them again.  Others prefer to stay in the past because it has become their norm and they’re comfortable with what they know and have experienced.  Some people have a difficult time with forgiveness, and letting go; they can hold a grudge for many years.  Many of these people struggle with insecurity and pride which contributes to them being trapped in the past.  Being stuck in the past prevents us from enjoying the present.  Whatever the reason, it’s time to move on, let it go, and start living in the now.  Getting over your past is a choice.  Confront your fears, release the pain, and start living again.  Maybe you can do this by writing letters, confronting people, changing your thinking, forgiving others/self, and taking charge of your future.  Don’t use the past as an excuse to stay stuck, decide to let the past be past.  Do it now before you lose anymore time.

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