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Social-Networking Dangers

Do you know of people who have lost friendships, marriages, or jobs as a result of social-networking?  Facebook has a huge presence with 400 million active users and growing.  Although many users of these networks are focused on healthy connections, it doesn’t always turn out that way.  In some cases, people are using these online social networks to connect with partners (married or not), deal with emotions through distraction, and seek revenge.  Staff writer for  Carolyn Davis shares stories of the devastating impact that these social networks can have on lives.  Lawyers are loving the additional data they can obtain to support their case, since your Facebook is a permanent document.  The amount and content of material posted is unbelievable.  Has our society become filled with narcissists or exhibitionist?  For many Facebook and other social networks are an escape from reality, a way to avoid emotions, or a filling of a void.  Relationships that develop from these interactions sometimes have boundaries that are blurred, if not ignored.  If you are an active Facebook user, ask yourself what your motive is and allow for complete transparency with your spouse. All addictions have deceit, lying, justification, blame, and rationalization as part of the disease.  Social-networking can be addictive and can lead to self-destructive behaviors.  When you find yourself spending more time with your computer than with your partner, you have a problem.

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