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Responsible Relationships

What does a responsible relationship look like? Being in a responsible relationship requires both parties to work at making the relationship work and accepting ownership for its success or failure. If you’ve been following my blogs, you realize that I value relationships and believe they can be the essence of joy and happiness. Life is about relationships and what we make out of them. We can take responsibility for creating, nurturing, and maintaining healthy relationships through our attitudes, actions, and emotional maturity. The right attitude means placing a high value, priority, and focus on our relationships. Accept that all relationships require time, commitment, and energy. Our behaviors also contribute to creating healthy connections. Are your behaviors supportive, encouraging, loving, trustworthy, and respectful? Being responsible means apologizing and acknowledging wrongdoing when your behaviors are hurtful. On the other side, responsible relationships forgive one another and let go of the emotional pain. Healthy relationships build up partners instead of tearing them down. Lastly, emotional awareness, sensitivity, and maturity are part of healthy relationships. Being able to share emotions constructively, validate each others feelings, and accept one another’s emotions all build emotional intimacy. Many of the individuals I work with repress, deny, avoid or mask their feelings and miss out on positive connections. Remember, emotions connect people. And when we suppress negative emotions, we inadvertently suppress positive emotions. If you want to experience and feel excitement, joy, and happiness more fully than you have to experience the full gamut of emotion. Be responsible with your attitude, actions, and emotions to experience the power of healthy relationships.

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