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Resolution or Resignation

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

What have you decided to change for 2011?  What determines success or failure with change?  For starters, was it your decision to change or someone else that encouraged you to change?  Change is more likely to be successful when the decision is made independent of others.  Many of us change out of fear or guilt, but those motivators for change don’t last.  How about changing out of self-respect and self-love which has more lasting and beneficial effects.  Self-generators are internally driven while fear and guilt are often externally driven.  Decide to make the goals realistic, measurable, and objective.  It also helps to have a monitoring system in place to check your progress as you change.  Tell others about your decision to change and use someone as an accountability person.  We all need rewards for change, so decide on ways to encourage yourself through some reinforcement component.  If you relapse or fail to meet your objectives, regroup, forgive yourself, and get back on track.  Never give up on yourself and your ability to change.  Our ability to change depends largely on our attitude and belief in self.  Change isn’t always easy, but staying the same can be just as painful.  Celebrate your resolutions and don’t settle for the status quo.  Life is more fulfilling when we’re changing and growing.

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