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Remember Your Valentine

Why do we focus on one day out of the year to share our love for one another?  Was this holiday created by Hallmark?  The reality is that many of us are too busy to share our love regularly and too overwhelmed with life to take that moment to express our feelings.  Men in general have more difficulties with emotional expression than women.  So if we can have someone else come up with the right words in a card better yet.  Many of us don’t realize that emotions connect people, even negative emotion.  I find in my practice that negative emotion is perceived by men as a weakness, but ignoring negative emotions prevents men from fully experiencing positive emotions.  Do you know someone who has difficulties expressing negative emotions?  Then there are those people who can express negative feelings, but not in a healthy or constructive way.  My job as a psychologist is to teach communication skills so that all individuals can identify, experience, express and resolve all emotion.  Valentine’s Day is a good time to express positive emotion, but I challenge you to express the full gamut of emotion everyday.  Emotion that is kept inside doesn’t go away, but may come out in other forms or do damage to your physical well-being.  Decide to make Valentine’s Day everyday.  Feel, share,  and love!

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