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Power Over Pride

Every single day I witness the destructive power of pride on our most important relationships and on the direction we take our lives.  Pride prevents people from growing, learning, and taking responsibility for their actions.  Prideful people rely exclusively on themselves and have difficulties trusting that others can do things as well as them.  We live in a society that places value on accomplishment and achievement rather than on integrity and character.  In other words, what you do is more important than who you are.  In the process of proving our worth, we neglect our moral compass and relational focus.  It is time to reboot the system and establish a new direction for our lives that values people over possessions and humility over arrogance.  Make the decision to better yourself before you set out to change the world.  Look in the mirror and accept your own flaws so that you can be more accepting of others’ flaws.  Do it now!

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