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Power of a President

Photo by May on Unsplash

Today we as a country celebrate the birthday of two of our very influential presidents.  Most would agree President Lincoln and President Washington used the power inherent in their position well.  Being in a position of power, whether it be as president of our country, your own company, or in any other authority position, brings certain expectations, responsibilities, and control.  Some choose to abuse their position while others use their position to accomplish great things.  What determines which direction a person in a powerful position will choose?  There are a multitude of factors that play a part in how this person uses his/her position, but being grounded in a faith and knowing that there is someone much greater than themselves helps.  Being connected to friends who can hold you accountable and keep your feet on the ground or in the fire, if need be, can keep one from abusing their power.  It is an honor and gift to be in a position of power especially as it relates to our role as a parent.  How are you using your position? Powerful people can do amazing things if their focus remains on others and off themselves .  Decide today to use your gift to influence, nurture, teach, and encourage the people in your life that you’ve been entrusted with.  Keep giving the gift to create a better family, work environment, country, and world.  Now is the time!

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