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Pervasive Indifference

Do you worry about indifference in our society today?  What has our culture done or not done to foster this problem?  I have great concern about our overall apathy regarding injustice, violence, and the decay of our social morals/values.  Unfortunately, many have decided to focus only on themselves and disregard the choices others make as long as it doesn’t directly impact them.  The problem with this “head in the sand” approach is that eventually others’ decisions will impact them in a powerful way.  People have become oblivious and desensitized to the problems in our society and instead of being motivated to take action, they have chosen to deny, repress, and avoid the conflicts plaguing us today.

Could indifference be tied to senseless violence?  The recent shootings in Oregon are another example of a marginalized person falling through the cracks and individuals ignoring red flags.  Most acts of violence have common themes and typically have a long trail leading up to the event.  Frequently the perpetrators are dealing with mental health issues, social isolation, and  feelings of insignificance.  Sadly, many people don’t take action and choose to ignore the warning signs that are present.  We tend to look the other way and avoid the conflict especially when it requires us to speak up and risk ridicule or rejection.  Whether it is in our role as parent, supervisor, teacher, coach, family member, and/or friend we are charged with dealing with difficult issues rather than walking away and making it someone else’s problem.

What can be done to prevent continued acts of violence and reduce society’s indifferent attitude?  We have to do a better job of teaching our children healthy and constructive ways to deal with stress, depression, and interpersonal conflict.  We need to get parents more involved and engaged in the emotional well-being of their children.  Maybe we can offer some financial incentive for completing parenting classes and make it mandatory for those parents who have children with behavioral problems.  We should also insist that schools provide mandatory classes on these issues.   We all need to step up and take responsibility for our children, community, and country and stop looking to shift the blame on to others.  Be intentional about making a difference in other’s lives and choose to positively impact others through your time, talents, and resources.  Wake up America and take action today!

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