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Personality Du Jour

Photo by Matthew Bennett on Unsplash

How do we develop our personalities and are they static or flexible?  In other words, is it possible to change our personalities?  These questions are asked  in my practice daily.  For starters, personality has both a genetic and environmental component to its origin and therefore is influenced both by our genes and our experiences.  The second question is the more important one since in most relationships, usually at least one person wants themselves or the other person to change.  The answer is a qualitative “yes”.  In my practice I teach my clients what needs changing, how to change, and the benefits of change.  Personalities can’t change 100 percent, but a twenty to thirty percent change can make a world of difference.  Imagine the difference in a critical or controlling person even if it’s a small change.  Relationships improve with personality changes and emotions become more positive.  Personality modification can also improve self-confidence and social skills.  Identify the aspects of your personality that need changing, find the motivating factors, and seek solutions for change.  We are capable of changing negative aspects of our personalities while maintaining the positive.  Remember we don’t have to perpetuate the negative cycles and personality of our family of origin.  Take action, take charge, and choose to be better as a person.

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