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Perfectly Paired?

Last week I discussed the differences in gender with men being more purpose driven and women being more process driven.  I also shared that God made us different for a reason.  So what is his reason for creating us so differently?  We grow, mature, and learn from each other if we allow ourselves to relinquish our pride and need for control.  Our spouse is better at some things and we’re better at others and acknowledging their strengths enables us to develop more completely.  How do we work as a team?  The simple answer is compromise.  More specifically, accept each other’s thoughts and feelings  and work through solutions jointly whereby all opinions count.  Spend some time negotiating, compromising, and selecting a mutually agreed upon solution.  Next step is let it go!  Being able to let go of your way as the best way and forgive when feelings are hurt are also important steps towards resolution and closure.

Most people want to be heard, respected, valued, and appreciated, but not necessarily to have it their way.  Life is so much easier and more enjoyable when you can achieve resolution and a mutually agreed upon compromise. Competing with our partner divides the team and weakens our relationship. Instead, we can use our differences to strengthen our relationship and grow us individually.  Cooperation breeds success in relationships.  Listen, learn, love, let go, and enjoy lasting relationships.

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