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Peaceful Relationships, Peaceful Lives

Did you know that today is the International Day of Peace? It was established in 1982 through the United Nations as a day set aside for the entire world to observe peace.  We live in such a violent and chaotic world that peace seems to be an unrealistic goal.  Yet, we can make a difference by making peace a priority in our corners of the world, specifically in our relationships.  Peace doesn’t just happen, it requires open communication, conflict resolution, trust, and forgiveness.  Conflict is part of life, but how we seek to resolve it is the key to a peaceful life.  How do you resolve conflict?  Remember that conflict that remains in your head will never be resolved; it needs to reach your lips.  Being able to communicate respectfully and listening intently will aid in the resolution of conflict.  Also learning to validate others’  feelings and opinions, even when they differ from yours, will enhance the probability of a positive outcome.  Conflict can be a good thing if it’s used to motivate us to change and grow as individuals.  Give the gift of successful conflict resolution to your children and seek peace in your household.  Each of us can contribute to peace in our own worlds and possibly impact the rest of the world in the process.

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