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Passionate Marriage

Last week I discussed living in a roommate marriage and the many drawbacks of being disconnected.  So how do we inject passion into our marriage?  Many people believe that better and more frequent sex is the answer, while others believe that emotionally intimate and deep conversations will create passion.  Well, you’re both right, but there’s more.  As I’ve said in the past, keeping score, holding grudges, and being defensive are guaranteed passion destroyers.  Passion comes from treating each other as special and acknowledging your spouse’s unique attributes and value.  Spontaneity in the relationship can also create passion.  Most people love surprises especially when they are meeting a particular need.  It could be as simple as an unexpected gift, washing the other person’s car, getting away for an overnight, planning a beach adventure, or sending a card in the mail expressing your love.  The whole point is that you took the time, thought, and effort to do something nice for your partner without expecting anything in return.  Be creative and find things that you know will put a smile on your partner’s face.  Spontaneous affection is another to build passion, with no strings  attached – you know what I mean.  Find out more about your partner’s needs, goals, and dreams while encouraging and supporting their efforts along the way.  Another way to be more connected is to volunteer as a couple giving back to someone who has very little to appreciate how much you have.  Passion is a powerful emotion that comes from a forgiving heart, open mind, and active body.  Take action to experience passion in your marriage.

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