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Overwhelmed By Change

How are you keeping up with the rapidly changing world? According to an article written by Becky Sweat in The Good News Magazine there are seven kind os stress-producing changes, most of them based upon technological advances. She notes that: our pace of life is speeding up, we are busier than ever, life is more complicated, families are structured and function differently, traditional beliefs and values are being challenged, our sense of community is disappearing, and the world is shrinking. She makes some very interesting points that you may want to take a look at yourself, but I’d like to focus on the emotional impact. Think about the number of choices and decisions you have to make on a regular basis and the overwhelming amount of information at your fingertips.

Change produces stress, fear, uncertainty, anxiety, and possibly helplessness. The exponential changes and the need to constantly adapt can wear on us causing a loss of control, numbness, depression and occasionally disorientation, Many of us struggle to keep up with the magnitude and intensity of change especially in the last 10-15 years. Unfortunately, in many cases, we’ve chosen to weaken our support network of families, our churches, and community. People are changing residences more frequently, have increased commute times to work, and three out of four families have two working parents.

We rely less on others and more on ourselves, which in this case can be detrimental. Now that we’ve established that we’re all stressed out and overloaded by our changing world, what do we do about it? For starters, it will help you to assess your personal situation based on the seven areas of stress-producing changes noted above and discern which impact your family the most. Next week I will offer suggestions to manage the emotional impact of change and ways to cope more effectively with stress.

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