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Overindulgence Ripe for Correction

How many of us can relate to being overindulgent?  Everyone can identify with this syndrome and the consequences are now beginning to be realized and experienced.  We have lived with the mind set that more is better and strived to achieve more through accumulation of stuff.  My question is why are we less happy today than we were thirty years ago?  Our fixation on material possesions and wealth has squelched our desire for connected and intimate relationships.   Sadly, loneliness is rampant in our society and disconnectedness the norm.  I work with patients daily who have accomplished much in their careers, but are clueless when it comes to emotional connections.  Can a person learn ways to be emotionally engaged and connected?  Of course we can.  For starters our focus needs to shift from objects to people.  We also need to place a greater value on our relationships than our stock portfolio.  Relationships last a lifetime and beyond.  What is your legacy going to be?

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