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Overeating Tradition

Why do we overeat for the holidays?  Are we able to justify our behavior since it’s a holiday and we’ve always consumed too much food?  It could be a bad habit and learned behavior, but maybe there is more to this pattern.  Holidays and family gatherings can be very stressful, so eating or drinking too much can be a way we numb ourselves.  For many of us, food serves as a comfort and large amounts enhances the comfort, or so we think.  We often end up feeling guilty, sluggish, and maybe depressed from eating too much.  Lets make a choice to approach the holidays differently and limit our consumption.  It may be helpful to incorporate some form of exercise for the holiday and incorporate other forms of stress reduction.  Also consider establishing other traditions that are not food related such as cards, board games, movies, etc.  It may be a good time for people to share stories about past holidays or express their thankfulness for something in their lives.  Traditions can be healthy or unhealthy.  Make the choice for yourself and pass the legacy down to your children.  What do you want your children to remember about the holidays?

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