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Opposites Attract, Don't Sustain

Why do opposites attract?  Maybe it’s because the traits the other person possesses are desirable to you.  Maybe you feel their traits compliment you and give you a sense of completeness.  Or maybe, it takes you off the hook for changing aspects of yourself that you don’t like and someone else can assume.  For example, you may be introverted and your partner is extroverted, so the onus falls on your partner to generate social opportunities.  Maybe your partner is analytical and you’re emotional, but you would rather not change.  The reality is that these differences may be appealing and attractive at first but can become annoying and irritating over time.  In many cases, opposites personalities attract while their morals and values are the same.  Can opposites sustain?  They can if they recognize, accept, and respect their differences.  It would also help if they worked to compromise and adapt so that they could be more like their partner.  Relationships require work and that includes flexibility and cooperation to create a team approach.  Healthy relationships include both parties taking responsibility for changing only themselves to enhance the connection.  Take the time to discuss your differences and appreciate your partner for who they are rather than for who they’re not.

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