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No Pain, No Gain

Last time I talked about healing after broken relationships and today I will expand on this topic.  Remember that old phrase “no pain, no gain?”  This applies to our emotional being as well as our physical being.  Dealing directly with our emotional pain can produce positive results and set us free.  We grow more at times of adversity and hardship than during times of prosperity. Even though some of you may be thinking, “we’ve had sufficient growth for one lifetime,”  I believe that suffering and healing often occur simultaneously.  I also believe that confronting and working through negative emotions allows us to fully experience positive emotions.  When we suppress negative emotions we inadvertently suppress positive emotions.  As I mentioned in last week’s blog, healing comes from expressing the emotional pain (constructively) and choosing to let it go.  Letting go of negative emotion or even a toxic person may be the only way to heal.  Sometimes, you must let go of what you have in order to find what you need.  Forgiveness is a way to release pain and heal even if that requires self-forgiveness.  Setting healthy boundaries and being able to say no can also limit our future pain, especially when we find ourselves repeating the same destructive behaviors.  Change is painful, but inaction makes the problems worse.  Many people repeat cycles of dysfunction before they see the problem is inside themselves.  Decide to address the conflict, problem, and/or emotional pain directly and constructively rather than compartmentalizing it or displacing it.  We can overcome our pain when we deal with it.

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