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Misery Loves Company

Do people like to see high-profile and succesful people fail?  Is this why negative media sells?  I believe that many individuals feel better about themselves when someone perceived as perfect shows a flaw and imperfection.  Maybe this is a way we justify or rationalize our own mistakes and miscues.  It doesn’t have to be a high-profile celebrity; maybe it’s a colleague or neighbor that appears to have the perfect family and life.  Could it be envy or maybe fear that prevents us from celebrating others’ success?  We become fixated with comparisons and want what we don’t have.  We lose sight of what we do have and think that more is better.  The expression “Keeping up with the Jones’s” still consumes people’s thoughts and actions.  It’s time to let go of the what is going on in other’s lives and start focusing on your own.  Studies show that happiness does not come from wealth, status, and material possessions.  Instead happiness is tied to gratitude, giving back, and healthy relationships.  Give the gift of time to the people you love, and appreciate what you have.  Things can change overnight, so make a decision to be connected today.

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