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Marriage Miracles

As Tim Tebow states “If you believe, then unbelievable things can sometimes be possible.”  I witness this everyday in my practice.  Couples often enter counseling completely distraught, disconnected, and hopeless, but have not completely given up on their marriage.  Sometimes marriages are held together by the children, finances, or even fears of being alone, but the courage to change can be very powerful.  Effective change occurs when there is commitment, desire, and belief that change will result in a positive outcome.  We can only change ourselves which includes our thoughts, feelings and actions, but sometimes we find that the people around us also change in response to our changes (good or bad).  My job as a psychologist is to advise my patients about what needs to change and to provide strategies to make the changes.  Of course not everyone wants to change or believe they are capable of changing.  Miracles happen when people have faith in themselves, their partner, and choose to let go of the pain from the past.  This holiday season decide to heal your pain and grow your relationships through forgiveness, trust building, and conflict resolution.  Create your own miracles by believing in the process of change and courageously committing to healthy relationships.  Belief creates hope and hope brings change.

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