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Marriage in Motion

Last week I talked about the similarities between tandem bikes and marriage.  Today I will discuss ways to keep the marriage journey smooth, constructive, and rewarding.  Remember marriage is work, but the work is much easier when you have two people focused on the same goals and objectives.  For starters, make sure you both know what your partner’s needs and expectations are for the marriage.  Our marriage license doesn’t come with a job description, but it’s important that we communicate regularly the roles we expect of our spouse and ourselves.  Some men are better at cooking than their wives and some wives are more mechanically inclined than their husbands.  Welcome your partner’s strengths and accept your own weaknesses.  Remember we’re a team so as long as the job gets done, we’re not keeping score.  At the same time everyone needs to be pitching in and contributing to strengthening the marriage.  Part of being a teammate is picking up the load and carrying a burden that your partner can’t carry alone either physically or emotionally.  This could be through listening, taking on a task, standing up for your partner or validating your partner’s feelings.  Every marriage has conflict, but many couples struggle to find resolution.  Resolution comes from communication, cooperation and compromise.  In some cases, resolution requires forgiveness or relinquishing of control.  Marriage works when you stay actively engaged, intentionally focused, and intimately connected.  Keep pedaling and enjoy the journey.

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