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Living in the Now

Have you found that life seems to ramp up in intensity as the school year winds down?  We have all sorts of concerts, award dinners, and end of the year events to attend, and of course the added pressure of finals, and projects to finish up.  I find this time of the year especially stressful.  As summer approaches, we need to avoid sprinting through the last month and not enjoying anything about it.  Sometimes we are so over-committed that we just want to get through and check off the completion box without appreciating the process at all.  This issue can affect us in many areas of life where we focus on the outcome and lose sight of the process.  We turn into robots going through the motions and not experiencing much of the joy life has to offer.  My suggestion is to limit our commitments as much as we can and focus on being in the moment.  It also helps to celebrate the moment so that you don’t quickly move on to the next task and miss out on the emotional opportunity and experience.  While experiencing the event do your best to block out your thoughts related to the other items on your list and remember many of these activities only happen once.  Time is your most valuable asset, use it wisely and efficiently.

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