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Life Changing Day

Where were you on Sept. 11th, 2001?  We will never forget that day and the ways in which our nation grieved the loss of lives, security, and freedom.  Ten years later our nation has changed through increased security, intelligence, and military action.  But on a personal level, how has your life changed?  The impact of Sept. 11th was far-reaching and produced a trickle down effect in many aspects of life.  Some continue to grieve the loss of loved ones, others live with fear and anxiety about the future, and others have changed their sociopolitical attitudes and beliefs about the world.  On a positive note, many individuals have become more intentional about their relationships, and increased their civic engagement and charitable donations.  Events like Sept. 11th help us put life in perspective and hopefully focus us on the important things such as our family and friends.  I believe life is all about relationships.  What are your priorities in life today?  Recalling the trauma of Sept. 11th gives us the opportunity to shift our focus from things to people or from life on earth to life in heaven.  What will you leave behind?  My own hope is that I have positively influenced, impacted, and changed people to value relationships more than they did before.  Life is so short.  Think about how your life has changed and how you want to impact the world.  Write your responses in the comment section and I will post them for others to read and share.

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