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In Your Face-Book

Are there no limits to what people post on Facebook?  People seem to share more information electronically than face-to-face.  Some may feel that it’s a good thing; I’m not one of those supporters.  Facebook has many positive benefits, but the negative can do serious damage.  The comments, pictures, and videos can be inappropriate, hurtful, and downright mean.  Have we completely lost our minds?  Boundaries are violated left and right through Facebook and relationships destroyed.  Many use this medium to connect in a healthy and positive way, while others take this opportunity to express negative emotion in destructive ways.  Do you know anyone like this?  Cyber-bullying is a very real and damaging phenomenon.  Aggressiveness through words can completely destroy self-esteem.  The fear I have is that people will rely on indirect, nonverbal/written forms of communicating and never learn necessary skills to address conflicts directly.  Facebook can consume a ton of time and limit connections with those in your physical environment.  Make a decision to limit your screen time and expand your face time.  Focus on nurturing and deepening relationships with those around you, rather than increasing your friend list.  Practice confronting conflicts assertively, both in words and actions.  Also, before posting or emailing, consider the reaction you might have if someone was referring to you when making those comments.  How you use your Facebook time may be indicative of other issues.  Consider all of your relationships when communicating electronically or otherwise, it can have a huge impact.

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