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Identity Crisis

How many of us are going through an identity crisis?  We struggle with who we are, what we do, and how to feel fulfilled in life.  So many of us haven’t found our way and continue to search.  Our country as a whole is in the same boat as us individually.  We’re trying to define ourselves as Americans, but have lost our way in the process.  People have lost their sense of community, connectedness, and cooperation while searching for their individual niche in life.  The competitive nature of our society and the fixation on power, wealth, and achievement has squelched our sense of community.  The inauguration last week was a glimpse of this experience in real time.  Can we continue in the spirit of cohesion, connection, and cooperation?  I feel this needs to return if we are going to overcome the mess we created for ourselves that was filled with greed, selfishness, deceit, and overindulgence.  It’s time for us to make a commitment to change the way we approach life, relationships, and our attitude in order to establish a new direction and focus.  I’m not suggesting that we abandon our capitalistic nature, but  that our balance has been off for a long time and a major adjustment is in order.  In your efforts to provide financially for yourself and your family try including helping others as part of your life goals and objectives.  Think about what you can do differently to encourage community and connection in your life.  Do it now!

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