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Hope From Change

On the eve of the inauguration we are all hopeful that things will begin to change.  We hope for changes in the economy, change in the health care system, change in foreign policy, and changes in the financial market.  We are hopeful that our new president will be the catalyst for these changes and that his decisions will catapult us into a positive direction and focus.  What do you hope will change?  How can you help with this change process?  We as a society need to take responsibility for changing ourselves first and not be dependent on government for changing everything.  I understand that there is plenty of blame to go around and recognize that our current state of affairs has multiple layers of blame and responsibility.  We need to rally around the concept of change and take on the responsibility for changing our own lives first.  It may have to do with our overspending, overindulging our children, our fixation on material possessions, and our over reliance on blaming others for our problems.  It is time for us to step up to the plate and focus on making a difference in our day to day lives.  Are you ready and willing to take the challenge to change?

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