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Hope for the Holidays

Have you ever wondered why the holidays are such a difficult time of the year? Maybe it’s the financial stress of buying tons of gifts or getting together with dysfunctional family members who don’t know they’re dysfunctional. For many people, the holidays trigger memories of emotional pain, loss, and unmet expectations. So where does the hope come from? It comes from you, the same person who can create new memories, traditions, and friendships. Hope comes from the belief that life can be and will be better, but it requires action on your part to make it happen. My hope comes from my faith, my family, and my friends. Where does your hope come from? The holidays can be a time to re-connect with friends/family, give to someone in need, and be grateful for what you have. The three greatest gifts that you can give someone you love are: forgiveness, acceptance, and time. These are gifts that keep on giving and can be shared any time of the year. Decide to share with others, listen to their stories, engage in activities, and seek a connection with the people you love. Create hope for the holidays through your words, actions, and attitude. Let me know how it turns out.

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