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Holiday Makeover

Last week I discussed how many of us fixate on doing rather than being especially during the holiday season.  I want to suggest approaching the holidays differently this year.  Instead of having the perfectly decorated home, the Martha Stewart dinner, or the incredible gifts, consider focusing on the people who you love and give you joy.  It is helpful to modify our expectations of ourselves and others which will reduce our conflict and stress.  Think of a creative way to make the preparations for the holiday less stressful.  I’ve developed a tradition with a good friend that includes taking an afternoon to Christmas shop for our wives, have a meal, catch up on the year, and celebrate our friendship. The process of shopping is less painful when you add some fun and connection to the experience.  Maybe this season you decide to give of your time, talent, or resources for someone in need.  The holidays can also be a time to reach out to someone you lost touch with and re-connect the friendship.  Or maybe someone in your life needs an apology or forgiveness and can’t let go of their pain until they hear from you.  Decide to write the email or make the call today.  Hope comes from people, not things, so make that your number one priority.  Relationships can be our greatest joy if we nurture them.  Most importantly, celebrate the birth of our Savior and cherish the gift of salvation.  His gift never stops giving and lasts forever.

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