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Holiday Horrors

Photo by Erol Ahmed on Unsplash

What is it about the holidays that brings out the worst in us?  I know it’s the busiest time for my practice as a psychologist.  The past memories or emotionally baggage seem to ooze out of people during the season.  Many folks reflect on the past and so many never let go of the past.  I work with people on releasing the pain from the past and forgiving others or maybe themselves in order to achieve closure.  Forgiveness starts the healing process and helps with internal resolution.  Forgiveness is not about forgetting, condoning or even reconciliation, but it is about letting go of the pain.  Humans make bad decisions all the time, but there seems to be a higher incidence during the holidays.  Maybe the stress of the season, need to create a perfect household once per year, and realization of conflicts that remain unresolved is enough to set us over the edge.  There is hope!  We can choose to forgive, let go of the anger or hurt, and make better choices in our life.  We can also focus on our blessings and appreciate the joy in giving rather than focusing on receiving.  Do you have people in your life that you need to forgive?  Have you lost contact with a good friend or family member?  Make the decision to re-establish that connection and forgive the past hurt.  It will be the best gift you could ever give yourself.

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