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Get a Life!

Photo by Jacob Ufkes on Unsplash

How much time do you spend with electronics (TV, computer, blackberry, etc.) every week that’s not work-related?  I often wonder where people find the time to update their Facebook page, respond to emails and text messages, return phone calls and still find time to watch their favorite TIVO’d shows every week.  All of us will occasionally record too many hours in front of a screen, but some are obsessed with these objects.  I wonder why people choose to spend their time “staying connected” electronically and what must suffer as a result of this obsession.  There is the fixation on the number of friends on your Facebook account or the number of hits on your blog.  We seek belonging, but settle for this limited and superficial connection that is safer and less vulnerable.  It seems that people are interacting less face to face and pursuing electronic connections rather than personal connections.  In the meantime, their time is consumed with activities that are impersonal and not related to taking care of self and important relationships.  There is not enough time for exercise, nurturing a marriage, spending time with children, and/or giving back to your community.  Don’t get me wrong, there are many positive aspects to electronics, but moderation would be helpful.  What are you neglecting or who are you neglecting through this fixation?  If you describe your every movement on Facebook or text every thought that runs through your head, then you have a problem.  If your life is consumed and dictated by your next “electronic fix” then you don’t have a life.  Detox from the electronics and consider replacing them with people time; you may find more joy through these real connections.

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