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Freedom is Not Free

Photo by Yuwei Zhang on Unsplash

On this Memorial Day holiday we need to remember those who sacrificed themselves for our country by serving in the military.  We often forget the value of living in a free country and take much of everyday living for granted.  An event like September 11th reminds us of our vulnerabilities and the importance of maintaining a secure and active military power.  I’m grateful for all who have served and those currently serving in the military, since they enable us to experience so many freedoms in our great nation.    How would your life be different if bombs were  going off on a daily basis in your neighborhood?  How would you cope with not being able to leave your house at certain times of the day?  Life is certainly stressful enough, but at least we don’t live in constant fear of dying.  Life is too short to waste time worrying about everything, arguing about nothing, and missing the essence of living.  Be grateful for what you have, value people rather than things, and use your gifts for the good of our nation.  Living free of fear enables us to experience life more fully.  We know that freedom comes with a price, so be sure to use it wisely and creatively so that when you leave this place others will know of your positive contribution.

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