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Five Ways To Be An Effective Parent

Parenting is one of the most difficult and challenging jobs, but can also result in tremendous rewards.  Our approach to parenting and our attitude about being a parent can make a huge difference in our success.  For starters, providing our children with structure and routine will give them security and comfort even though they appear to resist.  Being consistent with rules and discipline even when it’s inconvenient will teach our children that actions have consequences.  Holding our children accountable for misbehavior by providing appropriate (immediate, mild, and brief) discipline will teach responsibility.  Providing specific praise, affection and validating feelings helps children learn empathy and caring for others.  Children need ownership in their projects and tasks so that they can develop internal confidence knowing that their achievement was a result of their own efforts.  Allowing our children to fail results in resiliency since children learn from failures and setbacks.  Lastly, allow children to be children.  Laugh together, sing together, play together, and most importantly be together!

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