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Fear Factor

Photo by Dardan Mu on Unsplash

I observe the overwhelming effects of FEAR everyday in my practice.  All of us experience fear and some of us allow fear to incapacitate us.  What are you doing with your fears?  Is fear a good thing or a bad thing?  In my practice I find that fears which remain in ones head are the most debilitating type.  I encourage people to talk openly about their fears (of course being selective about with whom) and confront them head on since avoiding fear gives it more power.  Fear is a natural emotion built in to us for protection, but it can be destructive when it consumes all of our thought and results in chronic inaction.  The acronym I use for fear is: false evidence appearing real.  When we acknowledge and confront our fears we empower ourselves and move forward in life.  What helps you in coping with your fears?

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