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Emotions Connect People

Do you have a difficult time sharing your feelings?  Do you perceive emotions as a sign of weakness?  We all have emotions, but sometimes we avoid expressing them for fear of being rejected, invalidated, or vulnerable.  In personal relationships, sharing feelings is healthy, appropriate, and allows for intimate connections.  Many of the patients I work with deny, ignore, and avoid negative emotions.  Negative feelings can be painful and uncomfortable.  But when we suppress negative emotions, positive emotions are also inadvertently suppressed.  For example, it’s difficult to fully appreciate joy and happiness if you’ve not experienced sadness and hurt.  Not expressing our feelings also causes us to harbor resentment and detach from others.  How does this relate to relationships?  Many people internalize their feelings and decide to keep them hidden which hinders their emotional connection to others.  Healthy relationships allow for the sharing of all feelings which results in deeper relationships.  When you choose to express emotions others will feel closer to you and understand you better.  Being open with feelings and expressing them constructively creates opportunities for  attachments with friends and family.  Make the decision to share your feelings with your loved ones, being constructive and honest in the way you share.  You’ll find that when you self-disclose and share emotions it deepens your relationships.

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