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Emotional Connection Key to Marital Success

How much of an emotional connection do you have with your partner?  What does a healthy emotional connection look like?  Many couples don’t realize the importance of emotional connections for both men and women.  And of course, a greater emotional connection leads to a greater physical connection.  Many of the couples I work with in my practice have grown apart and have very little connection of either type.  They have become roommates and often unhappy ones at that.  When couples argue a lot, criticize each other, and never agree on anything, they begin to pull away from each other.  They begin to dislike each other, lose respect for one another, and fall out of love.  This is an extremely vulnerable time for a marriage when extra-marital affairs are more likely to occur.  So how do you prevent this from happening?  For starters, pay attention to your own feelings, your partner’s actions, and the interactions with each other.  It helps to create emotionally deep conversations by sharing intimate feelings and thoughts with your partner.  Make a weekly date night, take turns planning it, and laugh together.  Take a break from all electronics and focus on each other with no distractions.  Take a walk or bike ride together, have coffee together, share in an activity you both enjoy.  Create a fun list for each of you and select an activity from the list.  Most importantly, decide that your marriage has significant value and make an effort to be connected.  Remember that emotions connect people, so share your sorrows, joys, disappointments and dreams with the one you love.  You’ll be closer for it.

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