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Control is an Illusion

Updated: Nov 26, 2017

We as humans seek to control all aspects of life whether it be our partner, business associate, stock market, environmental changes, etc.  The more we attempt to control these things, the less control we have over ourselves and others.  This is why I love the “Serenity Prayer” and attempt to live by it.  For everyone, myself included, it’s hard to accept and let go of the things/people we can’t control.  Can you relate?  So what are we to do?  Try making a daily list of those items and tearing it up after you’ve completed it.  Prayer helps me in the process of releasing and acknowledging that this issue is much bigger than me.  Distraction also helps and not focusing on my “no control” list in my head, it takes up too much space.  It may also be helpful to share your thoughts and emotions with others since you’re not alone and verbalizing the feelings can also provide some relief.  The bottom line is that control is elusive and unrealistic with many aspects of life.  We all need to work at accepting our limits of control and focus on the areas of our lives we can change, which would be ourselves.

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