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Change Your Personality

We can effectively change our personality with some specific modifications in our thinking and behaviors.  Let’s first look at the origin of our personalities.  Certainly genetics plays a part, but our environment, upbringing, and interpersonal relationships also help to form our personality.  Understanding the origin of our traits and the factors that perpetuate these traits help with the change process.  In many situations, fear and insecurity are primary motivators behind our personality traits.  The solutions for change require us to confront our fears/insecurities through assertiveness, conflict resolution, and problem solving.  Sometimes toning down our traits and seeking moderation is part of the solution.  Many of us aren’t still long enough to reflect on our traits or learn ways to take a different approach.  Practice slowing down, pausing periodically throughout your day, and focusing on the present rather than the past or future.  Really listen to others’ feedback about your personality without defending or justifying yourself.  They may be right.  When we work on changing aspects of our personality, we will probably feel closer to the important people in our lives.  Change takes work and energy, but inaction limits our ability to experience joy and happiness in life.  Take a look at your personality, choose to change, and take action.  Today is the best day to change.

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